5 receivers the Patriots can still sign after falling short on Calvin Ridley

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Before the offseason began, there was excitement about how the Patriots could dramatically makeover their offensive roster through free agency and put together a more competitive team for the 2024 season.

The anticipation grew even more once Jerod Mayo was named as the new head coach and the many comments he made about wanting to bring in some of the best talent they could ahead of next season.

With a healthy amount of cap space to spend and Mayo's desire to "burn some cash," it seemed like this year would repeat the 2021 spending spree, only this time, some better players would be brought in—players that Bill Belichick would probably never pay up for.

So far, though, that hasn't come to fruition. In fact, free agency has been the complete opposite of what was expected, thus creating some restlessness among fans who have long hoped to see a change in philosophy regarding roster building.

It has been particularly frustrating seeing the lack of effort in signing the much-needed receivers that the offense has needed for several years, especially after the news about Calvin Ridley choosing to sign with the Titans over the Patriots despite their nearly equal offer.

Although relying on the draft for a top receiver isn't an entirely bad idea, there were solid players readily available in free agency that would've helped the offense get back on track due to their veteran experience.

Now that list has dwindled, but there are a few still available who could be good additions, even if they aren't who fans crossed their fingers for at the start of the new league year.

5 receivers the Patriots can still sign after falling short on Calvin Ridley

Mike Williams

The player likely on the top of most teams' lists at this point is recently released former Charger Mike Williams. Unfortunately, he fell victim to the new staff in Los Angeles under Jim Harbaugh and was mainly cut due to cap savings.

He is now the top free-agent receiver available and could fill a need for the Patriots next season if they are interested. They are said to have called the Chargers this past week to inquire about players they may have been up for trading, including Williams, which could indicate their willingness to pursue him now that he's a free agent.

New England has already traded DeVante Parker and now missed out on Ridley, so Williams could fill that void immediately. There is some hesitation about his performance due to suffering a season-ending injury last year, but he's been a consistent weapon throughout his seven-year career.

Looking back to his 2022 season, Williams recorded 63 receptions for 895 yards and four touchdowns. The year before, he totaled over 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns, far more than any Patriot receiver at that time.

Williams could be an intriguing addition to play alongside Kendrick Bourne and DeMario Douglas, especially if JuJu Smith-Schuster continues to struggle. But if the Patriots are interested, they'll have to make a move quickly. Plenty of other teams are already expressing interest in signing Williams, and they could be easily cast aside because of that.