5 receivers Patriots could trade for ranked by likelihood

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2. Justin Jefferson

Just like the basis of the Davante Adams possible trade, the Vikings only move on from Justin Jefferson if they package him in a trade to move up in this year's draft for their next franchise quarterback.

FS1's Colin Cowherd first raised the possibility of a trade involving Justin Jefferson, sparking a debate about its likelihood. Despite his controversial standing in New England, Cowherd's suggestion holds weight, especially considering the Vikings' current situation with Jefferson.

He's become one of the best receivers in the league, probably the top three if we're being honest, and the idea of willingly trading him away sounds bonkers when considering the talent he possesses at such a young age.

However, Kirk Cousins just left free agency to sign a massive deal with the Vikings, putting them in a position to find their next quarterback. They are rumored to have an interest in a few of the upcoming draft picks, primarily Drake Maye due to his connection with quarterback coach Josh McCown and rising star in the eyes of the league J.J. McCarthy.

Since they currently hold the 11th and 23rd overall selections in the first round, they'll need to put together a hefty package to move into the top five, where Maye and McCarthy are believed to go. If they don't want to include too many picks, adding Jefferson would be a good option.

Typically, it would be insane to think a guy like Jefferson could even be considered. But the need for a quarterback is a difficult situation, and if given the chance to get the guy you like, every team in the league would jump on the opportunity. Plus, the Vikings struck gold when they drafted receiver Jordan Addison last year, who proved he could be a dominant threat even without Jefferson on the field.

That could make the idea of trading him a bit easier to digest for Minnesota and it would be a big win for the Patriots if they could make the deal happen.