Patriots would win the 2024 Draft by making this blockbuster trade

New England Patriots Introduce Jerod Mayo as Head Coach
New England Patriots Introduce Jerod Mayo as Head Coach / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

How the Patriots should approach the upcoming draft continues to be a debate amongst fans and the media. Most questions will be answered based on what they do in free agency, but we still have to wait another month until those players become available.

Because they hold the third overall pick and need a quarterback, the general assumption has been they will hold off on signing a veteran and select their next franchise player with that coveted pick. But rumors are suggesting Jerod Mayo and Co. may be open to trading down with another quarterback-needy team, acquiring more picks, and possibly taking one of the players who fall out of the top 10.

Two teams have been named as trade candidates eyeing the Patriots selection, the Raiders and the Vikings, with their eyes on Jayden Daniels or another quarterback to take over their offense. Because of that, hypothesized trades involving the Patriots have made their way online, and one suggestion would be too good for them to pass up.

Although all the details are not necessarily ironed out, Colin Cowherd's suggestion that the Vikings trade star receiver Justin Jefferson, along with their 2025 first-round pick, to the Patriots and swap their 2024 first-rounders seems like a win/win for both teams.

This would immediately solve one of New England's long-lingering problems by locking up a game-changing receiver and still put them in a good position this year to draft a quarterback with the 11th overall pick. Of the players that may be available, J.J. McCarthy would be the best bet, and since he just won the National Championship, he wouldn't be a bad guy to take.

It would, in turn, allow the Vikings to take a quarterback with the third pick and offload a receiver they couldn't reach an agreement with for an extension, especially if they move on from Kirk Cousins, whom Jefferson is on record wanting to continue playing for.

The Patriots are loaded in cap space this year, with around $70 million available to spend, and even more so in 2025, with a whopping estimate of $190 million. That allows them to pay a top receiver like Jefferson and add even more talent to the offense around the next quarterback.

If there was ever an opportunity to trade for a player of his caliber, the time is now, and there's almost no excuse not to do it if the Vikings are willing to offer him.

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