5 receivers Patriots could trade for ranked by likelihood

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The Patriots went into the 2024 offseason with some of the most money to spend in free agency and a new philosophy ready to guide their approach to signing/re-signing players.

Anticipation was high as fans eagerly awaited an offseason that could potentially redefine the Patriots' strategy. New head coach Jerod Mayo, stepping into the shoes of the legendary Bill Belichick, hinted at a transformative period. With the team's roster in need of significant improvement, Mayo's plan to 'burn some cash' in free agency was a welcome tune for New England's loyal supporters.

However, the outcome has left many fans feeling disappointed. The free agent class assembled this month fell short of the high expectations set, casting a shadow over Mayo's ambitious plans.

Although many of their re-signings were considered priorities, the moves needed to put the team on the fast track to success again were not made. They didn't land a game-changing receiver, sign a veteran quarterback beyond taking on the role of a bridge player, or make any blockbuster trades to put the team over the top.

Fortunately, Mayo has provided some optimism regarding their plan for acquiring the caliber receiver the offense needs. He clarified their stances has changed from signing a free agent to actively engaging in the trade market, opening the door for a dream scenario for Patriots fans.

Since then, a handful of names have been mentioned as potential trade targets, primarily Tee Higgins and Justin Jefferson. However, a few others have been added to the mix, most of which are considered more fantasy than realistic, hence this forthcoming ranking.

Ranking 5 possible receiver trades Patriots could make from least realistic to most

#5. A.J. Brown

Among the least likely but most intriguing trade scenarios for the Patriots is the potential acquisition of A.J. Brown, a player many fans would love to see in New England. The fact that he was almost drafted by the team in 2019 adds an extra layer of interest to this unlikely but not impossible trade possibility.

He hasn't been a player involved in serious conversations as a possible trade target for New England, mainly because Philadelphia hasn't given any indication they intend to trade him at any point in the future. But because they have DeVonta Smith and a possible desire to acquire more draft picks, the staff at Bleacher Report last week drew up the idea of sending him to the Patriots.

If he became available in another universe, the Patriots would have to give up an arm and a leg to have an offer even remotely considered.

Since being traded to the Eagles from the Titans, Brown has continued to be one of the best receivers in the league. He's recorded back-to-back 1,400+ yard seasons and hasn't missed a single game, which adds even more to his value.

Despite the few instances of drama over the last two years stemming from disappointment in the Eagles' luck, it seems very unlikely that Brown will be on the trade block any time soon. Thus, the probability of him finally becoming a Patriot is about a 0% chance.