4 risks the Patriots are taking with their final 53-man roster

Will these risks be worth it in the end?
New England Patriots v Tennessee Titans
New England Patriots v Tennessee Titans / Silas Walker/GettyImages
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There were a lot of questions surrounding the Patriots throughout the 2023 offseason, especially about their roster.

Some positions felt unaddressed or deemed not strong enough to be competitive in the division, which left many wondering how Bill Belichick would formulate the final 53-man roster for the upcoming season.

Like any team in the league, there were a few positions with players competing for a spot on the team, and the cutdowns seemed to settle those debates swiftly. However, along with the players that were retained, more questions arose from the players that were cut.

Several of the moves made by Belichick have proven to be risky, with the uncertainty that they will wind up being worth it, particularly in a pressure-filled season on not just the Patriots team itself but the head coach as well.

This is just four of the biggest gambles New England is undertaking with their roster for the season.