4 quarterbacks the Patriots can select in the later rounds of the draft

The Patriots can find their next Tom Brady in the later rounds of the draft
Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
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Quarterback 4: Jack Plummer, Louisville

Jack Plummer may share a name with former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer, but the two are not related in any way other than they both play quarterback. Jack Plummer comes out of Louisville, where his draft stock is very much tied to Louisville becoming a legitimate NCAA football team.

Plummer played a significant role in leading Louisville to the ACC championship game and securing a ten-win season. He's big, 6'5", and 215 pounds, but it feels like he plays even bigger than that. He's solid at throwing receivers open, and over the five years he's spent in college, he has shown that he will be an accurate thrower wherever he lands.

The quarterback has his flaws, as do most late-round prospects. He isn't the most fluid. He's not the most dynamic, athletic, or quick quarterback, but not all QBs have to be. He has shown that he is an accurate thrower who can win at a power five level. He'd be worth a shot with a sixth or seventh-round pick.

The Patriots have the opportunity to acquire a "buy-low" quarterback in Plummer who has the potential to develop into a reliable NFL starter. As long as he's not put under too much pressure at the start, he could impress many with his throwing skills.

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