4 players the Patriots were right to part ways with this offseason

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DeVante Parker

The Patriots have needed to upgrade their receiving corps for many years, some could argue stemming back to when Tom Brady was still on the team, so it was expected there would be some changes this offseason.

Despite that need, a few players with questionable futures on the team were at the top of the list for being on the chopping block, including DeVante Parker. Bill Belichick had traded for the former Dolphins receiver in 2022, and it was a criticized decision from the start, mainly due to Parker's injury history.

But he performed well enough for the most part to have that overlooked for a while until his production fell off.

Other receivers became Mac Jones' go-to targets, especially after many throws to Parker ended in interceptions, and he wasn't used a whole lot during the 2023 season either. He suffered injuries that sidelined him for most of the year, inevitably leading to his release in the offseason.

Kendrick Bourne had re-signed, and DeMario Douglas was a star in the making throughout his rookie season. Then there were expectations that the new regime would prioritize the position in the draft, which they did when they double-dipped by picking Javon Baker and Ja'Lynn Polk.

Essentially, it guaranteed that even if Parker remained with the team longer into the offseason, he was likely on his way out anyway as his spot on the team faded away.

Moving on from him was the right decision, given the state of the offense, and it also worked out even more in the Patriots' favor a few months later. Parker recently announced his retirement after a 9-year career in the NFL despite signing with the Eagles after his release.