Dolphins get away with helmet-to-helmet hit that forces DeVante Parker to leave game

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Remember how many times the NFL claims they care about players' health and safety and take egregious hits to the head seriously? Well, it appears that continues to be mostly talk, as the Dolphins are the latest team to get away with a helmet-to-helmet hit on a defenseless receiver.

It was a second and-10 play on their own 47-yard line when Mac Jones threw a short pass to Parker. He wasn't able to make any football move before he was hit by a Miami defender straight to the head, which forced the football out and brought Parker down to the ground.

It was immediately apparent that the receiver had suffered a head injury, with his demeanor making it appear that he was concussed. He was able to slowly get back to his feet on his own and was quickly brought back to the locker room for further evaluation.

As if the hit wasn't bad enough, there was no flag for the play despite the very clear helmet-to-helmet hit on Parker. It is the latest example of a significant missed call by the NFL officials this season, which makes their adequacy regarding these types of penalties questionable.

To make matters even worse, Parker was almost immediately ruled out with a head injury after leaving the game, indicating that he almost certainly suffered a concussion.

We know the officials won't always get it right, and there will be times when fans are left scratching their heads for a missed penalty. However, when it comes to something as critical as a hit to the head, there's no excuse for the referees to miss those kinds of calls as often as they do, and the league needs to do something as soon as possible to try and limit this from happening over and over.

Hopefully, we'll get some good news about Parker's health in the coming days.