4 Patriots who didn't live up to their contracts in 2023

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Trent Brown

Earned salary: $5,882,353

Perhaps one of the more disappointing performances of all was that of Trent Brown, who had been a great starting left tackle for the Patriots during two stints with the team.

After departing in free agency after winning a Super Bowl in New England, he got paid big time by the Raiders. After that fell apart, he prioritized getting back to the team he saw the most success, only to seemingly check out mid-season and want out as soon as possible.

With so many consistency issues on the offensive line, Brown needed to lead by example and help motivate those around him. For a stretch of the season, he was the best player on the line, helping the team move in the right direction.

But as quickly as that came about, it ended and that's when things got a little foggy.

Brown began to air his grievances to the media and made it clear he wanted to play elsewhere for the 2024 season. He dealt with injuries that prevented him from earning several bonuses written in his contract, which seemed to deter him from wanting to get back on the field to help the team.

By season's end, it was apparent he would not be returning no matter who was in charge, which is why he wound up with the Bengals. It was a disappointing end to Brown's career in New England since he had become a fixture on the offensive line for many years.

But his questionable demeanor and attitude, coupled with his lack of desire, was a recipe for disaster and made his contract seem too rich for what the team was getting out of him.