Trent Brown doesn't miss chance to diss Patriots in first interview with Bengals

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Plenty of players who spent time with the Patriots didn't particularly enjoy their time there for one reason or another. For years, Trent Brown wasn't one of those guys, hence his return to the team three years ago.

Upon his arrival for a second stint with the Patriots, he spoke highly about the atmosphere and coaching. However, throughout the last few years, something drastically changed his opinion about the organization, resulting in his excitement to sign elsewhere in free agency.

It's no secret that the team took a hit when Tom Brady left and has had difficulty finding its footing again in the years since. Bill Belichick made some questionable decisions with players he signed and coaching hires and alleged behind-the-scenes tension created a toxic work environment that many players have spoken out about.

Brown was one of them, and he had grudges of his own. The Boston media is not an easy group to deal with, and the tackle became a target throughout the 2023 season. Because he wasn't shy about responding to the critical reports, Brown continued to do so, and by the end of the year, he made it very clear he had no intention of re-signing with the Patriots.

He went unsigned during the first wave of free agency frenzy, but it was announced he signed a one-year deal with the Bengals on Tuesday afternoon. Shortly after that, he was introduced to the fans and media, where he didn't miss the chance to take shots at his old team.

Trent Brown seems excited to not longer be with the Patriots

Typically, players are asked why they signed with their new team, especially after leaving one they had spent several years on. Brown addressed his decision to move to Cincinnati and, in doing so, took shots left and right at the Patriots to express his happiness about no longer being there.

He mentioned having a conversation with his former teammate Ted Karras, who signed with the Bengals in free agency in 2022. Karras spoke highly of the organization and said it felt like family there, which enticed Brown to sign there if given the opportunity.

"I walked in the building this morning and he was in the hot tub getting ready to work out. So that even added to it, him being here on March 19 and the offseason program doesn’t start for another month almost. That was a huge thing right there in itself, just being from where we came from. When people get out of there for a release any chance we had.”

"...just being from where we came from. When people get out of there for a release any chance we had.”


It appears he's implying that Patriots players don't enjoy sticking around longer than they need to, him included, so being around a team that enjoys being at the facility is a welcomed change. Surely, he's speaking for himself, but his wording makes it seem universal, which might be more applicable to the last three years in New England than anything else.

He went on to discuss what he's looking forward to most with his new team, which seems to be playing in a less stressful environment.

“Really I feel like I’ll be worried less and just worry about playing football. I won’t have to worry about any off the field things and I’ll be able to just enjoy coming to work on a day to day basis. And that was important as well when we talk about fit."

Maybe there is a totally different vibe out in Cincinnati despite their pushes to get back to the Super Bowl, which seems like it would be a stressful situation in its own right. Brown has made it very clear he is excited to be a Bengal. But seeing how badly things went for him during his second stint with the team is pretty interesting.

He's now at the point of throwing shade at almost any chance he can get, which doesn't make the team look great, especially as they hope to sign new players for the seasons ahead.

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