4 massive unknowns for the Patriots heading to the 2024 offseason

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Massive unknown: How long of a leash will the Patriots give new head coach, Jerod Mayo?

Replacing the best coach in the history of any sport is daunting. Ask Kalen DeBoer how he feels about taking over for Nick Saban in Alabama. Results are expected immediately. While the College Football landscape is a bit more absolutely psychotic than the NFL, fans, and management still expect to see results.

Hand up; Jerod Mayo feels like a great hire. My dad called me immediately after the press conference and asked how I felt. I told him, "Mayo is the only choice. I'm thrilled they didn't go with Vrabel. Mayo is the guy the Patriots should roll with."

I like to give coaches three years in the position before I start to inquire about the legitimacy of their employment. I wish no unemployment on any under-achieving coach, but at some point, if you're not doing your job... you get the drill. I might like to give new coaches three years at the helm, but how many will Mayo actually receive? I don't run the organization.

Say Mayo and Co. start the season poorly, like bad, bad. Let's imagine ten games into his tenure, the team is 1-9 or 2-8. Is Jerod Mayo still the head coach of the Patriots? Does Kraft keep him if he performs admirably the first two seasons, but they miss the playoffs both years? This is a proud organization built on six Super Bowl rings. This is the modern standard for what a Dynasty looks like.

It's fair to question how long the Patriots will stick with their new head coach if the ship isn't righted immediately. Was job security discussed in Mayo's interviewing process? How long will the Patriots stick by one of their own?

When push comes to shove, winning is all that matters in this league. Hiring Mayo brings massive unknowns in its own right. But not knowing how "all-in" the Patriots are on their new head coach is a massive unknown heading into this offseason and every offseason herein.

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