4 massive unknowns for the Patriots heading to the 2024 offseason

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Massive unknown: Will the edge rushers be back?

Productive, aging veterans rarely stick around during roster rebuilds. Matthew Judon and Josh Uche are veterans who no longer fit the timeline of this iteration of the New England Patriots.

Josh Uche leaving is a bit more buyable since he will be a free agent this upcoming offseason. Uche will turn 26 early in the 2024-25 NFL season. While I am not saying that mid-twenty-year-olds are too old to be on rebuilding rosters, does Uche really want the prime of his career years to be on a team that has little reality of contending?

Judon's dismissal would require more work, as the Patriots would need to trade him, but why not? Judon will turn 32 years old before this upcoming season. The Patriots could still get good trade value out of the 4-time Pro-Bowler.

The Patriots drafted Keion White in the second round of the draft last year, and while it took him a bit to get used to NFL schemes, his athleticism and strength popped off the charts. It might just make more sense to see what White can provide in a more expanded role. White isn't the youngest player by any means. He is already 25 years old, but he is a cost-effective asset teeming with potential.

So, I mean, your guess is just as good as mine. Will the Patriots look to bring back Uche, keep Judon, and use White as a rotation piece? Will they keep Judon and White and let Uche walk in free agency? Will they trade Judon for assets and bring back Uche to pair with White? Oye.

Regardless, an edge rusher is to the defense as the quarterback is to the offense. Not knowing who will be on the team is a massive unknown. It's imperative this team find a good answer for who their top edge rushers will be. Having a good pass rush is a necessity.

I'm not sure if you've heard but they're kind of, sort of important.