4 massive unknowns for the Patriots heading to the 2024 offseason

New York Jets v New England Patriots
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Massive unknown: Who is going to be the offensive coordinator?

To be a dangerous team, you need a functioning system. Ask Pittsburgh Steelers fans if they ever genuinely felt that Matt Canada's led offense would bring them a deep playoff run. I'd be willing to bet that they had no faith.

Ideally, the offensive coordinator and the quarterback thrive in the same system. This makes it easier for play-calling purposes and general information reception. The Patriots no longer have offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien on the roster. O'Brien is leaving New England to be the OC at Ohio State University.

It looks as though the Patriots' search for a new offensive coordinator has not been going so well. Every day, it seems like the Patriots have added another candidate or two to their prospective offensive coordinator pool. It's a delicate balance between finding the right guy for the job and the one who's interested. It feels like not many candidates are interested in the OC position for this team. Can you blame them?

This team has no skill talent on its roster and no quarterback. The offensive line is mostly trash, and their top two tight ends are free agents this year. What sort of coordinator would want to leave their current spot to walk into a vast unknown?

I know I wouldn't necessarily be perking up for that opportunity.

Presumably, the new OC and the new quarterback will be the foundations for the new offense. That makes this open hire a massive unknown. Will the team bring in someone who will develop the young talent? Will they bring in a more experienced coordinator to run a tighter ship? What will the offense look like? Will it be more pass than run? More run than pass?

Folks, these are questions we need answering! Going into the offseason without a direction on the OC is a massive unknown. Let's hope they hammer this hire down sooner rather than later.