4 free agents the New England Patriots must chase this coming offseason

New England could find a new quarterback and a bunch of offensive weapons in 2024 free agency.
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New England Patriots must sign receiver Tee Higgins

No matter who becomes the New England Patriots QB1 in 2024 is going to need a lot more help than what the Patriots were offering this year. Look at how much Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has relatively struggled (his 93.2 quarterback rating for 2023 is by far the lowest mark of his career).

He simply doesn't have as many weapons to throw the ball to this season. He's got Travis Kelce, and Rashee Rice has been a nice surprise, but KC isn't nearly as scary as they had been in previous seasons.

The Patriots have no one who scares defenses. New England would be somewhat better if Mahomes were with the Patriots, but they still wouldn't be good. A quarterback has to have several people to force the ball to at times, and New England doesn't have anyone. So, while chasing a free agent like the tall and athletic Higgins is a great start, that's all it is: A start.

Bill Belichick, assuming he is still the coach and general manager next year, cannot be trusted to draft well overall on offense and he doesn't seem to know how to scout receivers. Instead, with all the cap room New England has, the team should sign Higgins at $23 million or more and still go after another top receiver.

Money doesn't fix all issues, of course, but New England has to do something. At 6'4" and 220 pounds, Higgins knows how to use his length to high-point balls. His catch in Week 15 against the Minnesota Vikings to first catch the ball and then turn and score a touchdown might have changed the playoff fortunes of several teams this year. The Patriots need at least two receivers of the ilk of Tee Higgins, and New England needs to hope the Cincinnati Bengals do not franchise-tag him.