Ex-Patriot doesn't believe Bill Belichick is the biggest issue with the team

Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots
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At this point in the Patriots' 2023 season, most have already concluded how they feel about Bill Belichick and whether he should be the head coach next year or not. The consensus seems ready to move on from the legendary coach, from the fans to those in the media, and even former players have voiced their desire to see him fired by season's end.

It has been a consistent debate since it was clear the team was not going to have a successful season coupled with the failures of last year, prompting even more doubt about Belichick's coaching post-Tom Brady.

The wild takes have been dominating headlines in recent weeks, with contradicting rumors and reports from insiders to conclusions drawn from those who just want to see one thing or another happen; basically, it's been an utter mess.

But a recent former Patriot made the conversation a bit more interesting on Monday evening as he shared his uncommon opinion on the team's current situation and outlook and how Belichick fits into it.

Unlike most others, Christian Fauria feels Belichick doesn't deserve the most blame for what has unfolded this season. In fact, he believes it would be a mistake for Robert Kraft to fire him at the end of the year.

"It’s going to be a flat now. It’s not a coaching issue. It is a personnel issue. It has been a personnel issue. … This is still the best coach in the NFL right now. If he took over any team that was floundering, that has issues or can’t get out of their own way, he is three to four wins better than the guy that he would replace."

He makes a point that has been mentioned by those who want to see Belichick retained for at least one more year. There is clearly a significant issue within the organization; all signs point to personnel and improper roster building. That has been the common denominator over the last few seasons and not many improvements have been made to significantly impact any of it.

On top of that, current players have consistently praised Belichick despite the questions about his coaching decisions, passion, and rumors of him losing the locker room. If that's still the feeling within the building, then maybe he really isn't the biggest issue that needs to be addressed.

And if he is fired, the question then becomes, who replaces him? Who seems like a better candidate to fit that role and take the position away from a man considered the greatest head coach of all time?

Sure, some candidates have been floated around as potential replacements, but like the NFL draft, hiring a new head coach is a crapshoot. You don't know how well it will go until they're well into their tenure, which can go either way.

It's something Robert Kraft will have to really think about and decide if he wants to go through the process of likely not being a competitive team for another few years, as most teams with new head coaches don't come out and are immediately successful.

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