4 bold predictions for the Patriots' 2024 offseason

New England Patriots Introduce Jerod Mayo as Head Coach
New England Patriots Introduce Jerod Mayo as Head Coach / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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It is officially Jerod Mayo time in New England. The Foxborough sidelines will have a new head coach calling the shots for the first time in 24 seasons. Holy moly.

Bill Belichick was and always will be an incredible football coach. He is the best coach in NFL history, and the standard he was able to mold here in New England for two decades-plus is incredible. So, honestly, hats off to Bill, and I wish him nothing but the best.

Now that that's out of the way. I am so excited about this new era for the Patriots. It feels like this offseason is the perfect time to get bonkers-level crazy. Out with the old and in with the new! This team will have a new GM, a new head coach, a new OC, a DC, and a new attitude and mindset.

What better way to build that new attitude and culture under the new regime than with good old-fashioned, bold offseason predictions? New year, new us, Pats fans! #DoYourJob

Bold prediction: The Patriots do not draft a quarterback with the third pick

"Huh? What? That's blasphemous! You're crazy, Matt! Put down the IPAs." Yeah, yeah, yeah... whatever. And I don't want to. I'm sipping the Kool-Aid. I've been sitting on this take for quite some time now.

I don't think that the Patriots should, nor do I believe they will draft a quarterback with the third overall pick.

There are just too many holes to fill on this offense for this team to make an irrational, reactive decision to pick a QB here. I KNOW THERE ARE A LOT OF GREAT QB PROSPECTS THIS YEAR. I think that they will mostly all be successful. Regardless, I believe the Pats realize they also have an opportunity to grab a sure-fire, blue-chip prospect who will legitimize this new offense for years to come.

Two names come to mind immediately when I think of who the Patriots should take with the third pick. The first is not a sexy pick, but he has the potential to be an offensive building block for more than a decade.

That player is Notre Dame offensive tackle Joe Alt. Alt is a mountain, standing at 6'8" and 320 pounds. His tape suggests he can be an immediate day-one left tackle in the NFL. He is strong, long, athletic, and perfect for the Patriots. They need an upgrade at the tackle position.

The second name that comes to mind is Ohio State University stand-out wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. This kid is about as much of a "can't miss prospect" as they come. His dad, Marvin Harrison Sr., is in the pro-football Hall of Fame, and his son might already be more talented than he ever was.

Don't take it lightly when players are referred to as the next Calvin Johnson. Harrison Jr. has all the tools to be the best wide receiver in the league in his rookie season.

I think the Patriots see the third pick as an opportunity to solidify their receiving corps for years to come or anchor their offensive line for years to come. Whatever way they sway, you can book it here. The Patriots are taking no quarterback with the third pick in the draft.