4 bold predictions as the Patriots visit the Cowboys in week 4

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
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The Patriots will capitalize on Cowboys' turnovers

Unlike what they've done so far this season, the Patriots will take advantage of the opportunities given by the mistakes the Cowboys make and capitalize on their turnovers. It has been one of the weakest parts of their performance through three games, completely blowing their chances, most notably in their losses to the Eagles and Dolphins.

In week one, they could not do anything positive on the field after Jabrill Peppers forced a fumble on Jalen Hurts. The offense got the ball at Philadelphia's 42-yard line, and in four plays, they totaled -7 yards.

It was a prime opportunity to get back in the game, as they were down 25-20 with over three minutes remaining. But history repeated itself, and they fell on their sword again, going three and out and handing the game back to the Eagles.

As bad as that was to start the season, things got worse the following week.

After the impressive blocked field goal by Brenden Schooler, Mac Jones led the offense down the field into Miami territory. Then, as they were just a few yards out of the red zone, the quarterback threw an interception to Xavien Howard, putting an immediate hold on their attempt to get back in the game.

Later in the fourth quarter, Christian Gonzalez equaled things out by recording his interception, but the Patriots' offense, once again, could not capitalize on the opportunity, resulting in another three-and-out drive.

They were given another opportunity late in the fourth quarter when the Dolphins missed a 55-yard field goal, giving the offense the football at midfield. They would make it to Miami's 33-yard line, have an impressive attempt at a first down by Mike Gesicki and Cole Strange, but ultimately have the call reversed, and the game ended right there.

This week will be different, though. Prescott is no stranger to turning the ball over, especially against the Patriots, and with a dominant defense like they have in New England, it's not too bold to say they will force a few opportunities for the offense to score some much-needed points.

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