3 ways the Patriots 2023 season could have gone differently

Analyzing the Disastrous 2023 Patriots Season
New England Patriots Press Conference
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Not letting Malik Cunningham start a game or two

Undrafted out of Louisville, Malik Cunningham played like LaMar Jackson but lacked most of the polish and intangible traits Jackson has. While the two are dual-threat quarterbacks from UL, that is where most of the similarities die. Regardless, there was (and still is) a lot of intrigue surrounding Cunningham.

Why didn't the Patriots give him a chance?

Another bone-headed decision on the Patriots this season, not giving Malik Cunningham one or two starts to show what he's capable of, will be a puzzle not many people will be able to solve. He could have potentially been the next quarterback for the New England Patriots, but we will never know.

The Patriots called Cunningham up from the practice roster didn't play him, sent him back down, and then the Ravens signed him from the Patriots' practice squad. If Cunningham ever gets the chance to succeed in the NFL, this will be one of New England's biggest "what ifs" in history.

The Patriots were already losing. They had nothing more to lose. They should have accepted earlier that Jones and Zappe were not the answer at quarterback. The team needed some juice. Cunningham could have provided that and then some. Unfortunately, we are left with a big, fat "I don't know" in another universe where things could have gone differently for the Pats.

Fingers crossed this team figures things out so we can have a more exciting, "3 ways the Patriots 2023 season could have gone differently," segment next year.

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