3 reasons why the best is yet to come from Patriots quarterback Mac Jones in 2023

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His work ethic hasn't waivered, even after a tough 2022 season

One of the most scrutinized parts of Jones' performance last season was the display of frustration during games and the few outbursts we saw of him on the sideline. Even though the issues within the team were well-known throughout the year, the quarterback was continuously criticized for his demeanor on the field.

Since the season ended and several reports have discussed the dysfunction of the team behind the scenes, it's no wonder that Jones was unable to hold it together on game day. He wasn't the only player who shared these frustrations, as others like Kendrick Bourne and Hunter Henry expressed their opinions on the offensive coordinator and his game planning to the media throughout the season.

It was a clear giveaway from the spring that the Matt Patricia experiment would be a big mistake, perhaps one of the biggest of Belichick's New England tenure. And although he faced a lot of criticism and harsh takes that significantly lowered his confidence, Jones remains a determined and hard-working player.

His work ethic is something that his teammates have constantly mentioned since he was drafted, and they continue to bring attention to it this year as well.

He set up off-season throwing sessions to work with the new receivers.

He's still at the facility almost all day, every day.

And he has been the last player off the field multiple times after practice has finished.

The path to the high road was likely not easy, and the ability to adjust his mindset not to become pessimistic isn't either, but Jones is proving to be more of a pro than what his resume will tell you. His path to success is paved far better than it has been since his rookie season, and hopefully, he can capitalize on it this season to prove the doubters he can be exactly what the Patriots need from their quarterback.