3 reasons why Drake Maye should be the Patriots starting QB in 2024

The Pats' third overall pick has to take the reins from the outset.
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The New England Patriots have started a new era under Head Coach Jerod Mayo and, at least, acting general manager Eliot Wolf. Much of the critically important off-season, especially free agency and the draft, is in the rearview mirror.

However you grade the offseason, it's now time to get ready to play some football.

The key move of the offseason was a good one. The Patriots used their third overall pick in the NFL draft to select quarterback Drake Maye of North Carolina. It was a huge statement by Wolf and Mayo that he's the guy they want to lead the team into the future.

With that in mind, let's address a question swirling around Patriots media circles about exactly when the inevitable, Maye's taking the reins at quarterback, will or should take place. The thought here is some media cognoscenti are wrong about that issue. They feel the team should wait until "he's ready."

Here are three reasons why that's malarkey.

The Patriots are heavily invested in Drake Maye, so he has to play from Day One

First, when you invest, and expending a third pick overall on a player is a huge investment, he has to play. When should that be? The answer is Day One. You decided he's a top-three quarterback in the draft. There's no reason not to play him from the outset.

Maye is talented and has a prototypical NFL size. While only 21 years old, he's enthusiastic and supremely self-confident. On-the-job training is fine.

There is only one season you play, this one. Long-term rebuilds are folly. There ain't no such thing. You play to win now.

After a truly horrendous 2000 season, the 2001 Patriots had no thoughts of competing, never mind winning a Super Bowl. Along comes a top young quarterback, and they do just that. Yes, Tom Brady had a season to learn. He'd have been superb in 2000 if he'd had the chance.

As for needing all the "pieces" in place first, that's nonsense. You never have all the pieces in place. The quarterback's job is to fit the offensive pieces you have together and get the job done. Brady did it in 2001. Maye can in 2024.

Two more major reasons Patriots should start Maye

Drake Maye gives the Patriots the best chance to win in 2024. Talent wins over experience. Having foolishly spent $8M on backup journeyman QB Jacoby Brissett, thinking Brissett is the answer for 2024 is simply obtuse. He's not.

Maye has a great arm. The young QB can make throws from all over the backfield. And, importantly, he's a dual-threat quarterback who can run, not just scramble. He'll have to do just that because of his porous offensive line.

Wolf's worst and inexplicably most ridiculous move/non-move of the offseason was not signing or drafting a top left tackle. He repeated Belichick's mistake that helped get BB canned. Maye will have to make due.

He has the tools to do just that if offensive Coordinator Alex Van Pelt is astute enough to devise an offense to utilize his talents to offset his mediocre O-line.

Finally, Maye should start because who says you can't learn while you play? It's the best and the only way to learn. You dive right in and play the game. Football is still all about passing, running, blocking, and tackling. It's not rocket science.

The "you'll ruin him" argument if everything is not in place is hogwash. If an athlete has what it takes, he'll improvise, adapt, and overcome. Adversity on any given play or in any game is just another learning experience, another step toward winning. Babying top young talents hasn't worked for the Boston Red Sox, and it won't for the Patriots, either.

Those are three reasons why Drake Maye should start on Day One if the Patriots are to have any chance of a winning season and climbing out of last place in the AFC East. They are heavily invested in Drake Maye, and should just put him in the game from Day One and see what he can do. You just never know.

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