3 reasons the New England Patriots can sweep the Jets in 2023

New York Jets v New England Patriots
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Aaron Rodgers isn't going to be the long-awaited savior of the Jets

The biggest talking point that has convinced people the Jets will somehow manage to overcome their mediocrity has overwhelmingly been the addition of almost 40-year-old Aaron Rodgers.

After the quarterback decided he no longer wanted to play for the Packers because they didn't want to do things the way he wanted, Green Bay was essentially forced to find a trade partner for him.

Since the Jets made the mistake of drafting Zach Wilson in the 2021 draft and were looking for a replacement, they went all in on the one-time Super Bowl Champion, assuming he would catapult them to incredible success in 2023.

Typically, a team that traded for a player of Rogers' magnitude would certainly move them up the totem pole in the league. But this is Rodgers we're talking about, a guy who has an impressive resume for himself but not for what he did for the Packers.

His final season in Green Bay was underwhelming, especially for a player coming off his second MVP award in back-to-back seasons. But before that, he would have stand-out statistics and, in most cases, be the clear favorite in several games, only to choke in some of the biggest games of his career, hence why he has only won a single Super Bowl in his 18-year career.

Now that he will have a fresh start elsewhere this season, it may ultimately prove to be worth it for him and the Jets. But expecting Rodgers to be the sole reason why the Jets will be far more successful than they have been in decades seems foolish, particularly in a division that has only gotten stronger.

Will Rodgers inevitably be an upgrade over Zach Wilson? Probably, but that's not saying much.

Can his addition to the team be the missing piece the Jets need in order to become a Super Bowl frontrunner? Unlikely. But already naming them the very clear favorites to win the division and a championship? Slow your horses, New York.