3 quarterbacks the New England Patriots need to target for 2024

-A quality, but aging veteran?

-How about an old friend?

-We're on to the 2024 NFL Draft?

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The New England Patriots need to improve their QB situation for the 2024 NFL season, and these three players might be potential short and long-term options for the struggling franchise. I get that Mac Jones wasn't exactly given a fair shot in 2022, but how many more times will excuses me made for his performance over his career?

He's done virtually nothing to cement himself as a starter in the NFL, and I understand that people are attached to him. NFL fans can get very attached to their respective teams' quarterbacks. It's normal. However, there comes a time when the verdict is reached; when the unfortunate truth is staring at you right in the face.

And the truth of the matter is; Mac Jones is not going to be the long-term answer for this team in the 2024 NFL season. The Patriots need to and should be active in the QB market, both with free agents, a potential trade, and the 2024 NFL Draft to bring in some sort of solution to prepare for life after the failed Mac Jones era. Let's go over a few options.

3 quarterbacks the New England Patriots need to target for 2024
1. Kirk Cousins, 2024 free agent

Kirk Cousins is a free agent at the end of the 2023 NFL season, and I do not think the Minnesota Vikings are going to re-sign him, and I don't think Cousins will have interest in re-signing the player unless they have a turnaround and perhaps make the playoffs in 2023. Cousins has been efficient for nearly a decade in the NFL and is off to another great start this year.

In fact, he leagues the league in TD passes and has a 104.4 passe rating. What I like most about Cousins is that I think his skillset as a QB is something that can he can extend into his late-30s. He's a pure pocket passer and has stayed remarkably healthy during his career. There's really no reason to believe that Cousins can't be efficient on a third team if he were to sign with the Patriots next offseason.

New England is also projected to have a ton of cap space next year, so they can afford to pay him quite a bit. Cousins would at least bring some stability for a year or two.