3 potential offensive team MVPs for the New England Patriots in 2023

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Mike Gesicki

One of the more under-the-radar additions during free agency this year was tight end Mike Gesicki, who didn't bring much excitement when initially signed. However, much of that has changed since he's taken the field during practices the past few months, and his integration into the offense continues to grow as the days go on.

Because he's not a traditional tight end and not known for being a solid blocker, Hunter Henry will continue to be the muscle needed in that area, allowing Gesicki to be more of a jumbo receiver that Mac Jones will be able to utilize.

Although his career statistics aren't all that impressive, Gesicki has created a niche for himself, being a dominant red zone threat. During his five years with the Miami Dolphins, he recorded 17 total touchdowns in the red zone (including the playoffs) and is expected to continue that trend in New England.

It was a primary weakness for the Patriots' offense last season, after a season that saw Henry become the designated weapon in the red zone and succeed in the role in 2021. Now that Gesicki will be in the lineup, it provides Mac Jones more options and reliability to open the field and score much more than they did in 2022.

As training camp continues and chemistry builds between the quarterback and tight end, we may see some impressive potential unlocked for this offense. We've already seen the progression from Gesicki over the last two weeks, with his most remarkable days at training camp coming this past week, and Jones has also stepped up.

So who's to say it won't be even better when the regular season kicks off next month? Signing Gesicki may become one of Belichick's better free agent signings in recent years, especially if he outperforms all expectations.