3 positions the New England Patriots must upgrade in 2024

The New England Patriots need more talent on their roster.
New England Patriots v New York Jets
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3. Quarterback

Perhaps the biggest disagreement I have with people within the fanbase is when Mac Jones is viewed by some as a franchise QB. I just cannot get there; I am sorry. Here's what I've said about Jones for a while now: I think this is someone who can end up around that Kirk Cousins-range; a good, efficient QB on most days who you can win with, but probably don't win because of.

Kirk Cousins has had a job for years in the NFL and has been scarily consistent, but outside of that, he's had limited regular season success and has virtually nothing to speak of in the playoffs. That's what I think Mac Jones can become, and if you disagree, that is fine, I respect that. I do think the New England Patriots need to invest something more into this position.

Whether that's in the 2024 NFL Draft or by some type of trade is fine; the team just needs to bring someone else in with a higher ceiling than Jones, who has been a below-average QB since entering the league in 2021.