3 players the Patriots wish to steal from AFC East rivals

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

For many, many years, the AFC East wasn't considered a competitive division, with some falsely claiming it was the reason for the Patriots' longstanding domination. Although that was far from the truth, the difficulty the three other teams had put together more threatening rosters was apparent, but that's no longer the case.

Unfortunately for New England, they're now the team that the rest of the division doesn't fear, and they're the ones whom many around the league don't want to face.

Because of that, there are plenty of players on their rosters that the Patriots would be lucky to have on their team, and if it were possible, it would be good if Jerod Mayo and Co. could steal them away somehow, especially now that they're restarting a rebuild once again.

Given the roster they're heading into the offseason with, at least one player from each divisional foe would be a massive upgrade to the team.

3 players the Patriots wish to steal from AFC East rivals

Buffalo Bills - Josh Allen, QB

Because the quarterback position has been one that has remained problematic since Tom Brady's departure four years ago, it would be nice to just whisk Josh Allen away from the Bills and have him run the Patriots offense.

He may be far from perfect, but he's arguably the best quarterback in the AFC East, and in this era in the NFL, that means a lot. Allen can get the job done on game day with his arm talent, but he's also a demolition machine on the ground.

He's one of the bigger quarterbacks we've seen in the league over the last decade, maybe outside of Cam Newton, and despite his size, he's able to elude defenders and make a first down or easily get into the end zone.

He brings the best of both worlds to the Bills, which the Patriots haven't had in a quarterback in a very long time, if ever.

Miami Dolphins - Tyreek Hill, WR

Like their quarterback struggles, the Patriots have had more than their fair share in finding a game-changing wide receiver. Most of that could be pinned on their bad drafting or Bill Belichick's reluctance to pay top money for top talent in free agency, but the hope is that changes under the new regime.

In that case, how could you say no to taking Tyreek Hill from the Dolphins? He's consistently one of the best receivers in the league and makes unfathomable plays on a weekly basis. He can elevate any quarterback and carve up a defense like we've never seen before, all of which is exactly what the Patriots could use on their offense right now.

Hill would certainly cost a pretty penny, but if anyone is worth paying, it's him.

New York Jets - Quinnen Williams, DL

Maybe the defense isn't as needy as the offense this offseason, but with Matthew Judon essentially being the sole pass rusher on the team; he will need some help getting the job done next season and beyond.

Stealing Quinnen Williams from the Jets would make sense to fit that mold. The 26-year-old has broken out on New York's defense and would undoubtedly boost the Patriots immediately.

With the trend of mobile quarterbacks only increasing, Williams and Judon would strengthen the defensive line and make opposing quarterbacks' jobs much more difficult.

That hasn't been the case in recent years and cannot continue much longer.

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