3 people under the most pressure within the Patriots' organization in 2023

Between coaches, players, and everyone in between, which three people are under the most pressure for the 2023 NFL season?
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This is a huge, do-or-die year for the New England Patriots. A failed season could end up with jobs lost and a completely new direction for the organization. I am not exaggerating when saying that a ton of changes could be made in the 2024 NFL season if things go south in 2023 for the Patriots.

The first thing we could see that could indicate change is on the horizon is the team selling off veteran players at the trade deadline. If the Patriots only have a few wins, it might be in their best interest to think towards the future and realize that they aren't going to contend in 2023.

If not, this team will have a ton of changes from the top, down. Let's look at the three people within the organization under the most pressure in 2023.

3 people under the most pressure within the Patriots' organization in 2023
1. Bill Belichick, HC/GM

The head coach and general manager of the New England Patriots is on a hot seat for the 2023 NFL season. Since Tom Brady departed back after trhe 2019 NFL season, the Patriots have gone 7-9, 10-7, and 8-9 in the following three seasons. They've been painfully average since then, and I'm not sure any head coach in the NFL could survive three seasons like that.

That's why I think Belichick is under a lot of pressure in 2023. He's also not exactly had a ton of success as the general manager of the team. Some shaky decisions in the NFL Draft has forced him to be active in free agency, but it's not like the Patriots were ever particularly aggressive in FA.

There's just a lot that can go wrong for Bill Belichick in 2023, and I think another season where the team is not in the playoffs will force Robert Kraft to make a very tough decision.