3 nightmare scenarios for the Patriots now and in the future

The New England Patriots have had a rough 2023 NFL season, and these scenarios coming true could make their situation even tougher, now and going forward.
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3. Patriots don't have a significant change at QB in the 2024 season

I think keeping Mac Jones as the starter in 2024 without at least a QB prospect behind him would be a mistake. Ideally, the team moves on from Mac Jones and either acquires a veteran QB like Kyler Murray or takes a top QB prospect and hands the keys over to him. Not having a notable change to the QB room in 2024 would put the Patriots even further back in the AFC East arms race.

Tua Tagovailoa, Josh Allen, and the Jets' talented defense are not going anywhere. Those teams seem here to stay. Each of the three rival teams in the AFC East have something notable going for them now and in the future. What do the New England Patriots have? Outside of a few young players, they don't have much, especially on offense.

With as much cap space as the Patriots have and the fact that they can trade some players at the deadline to acquire more draft picks, the team has a nice situation where they could chase a veteran QB in a trade or potentially take a high QB prospect in 2024. Something like that is necessary if the Pats want to get a genuine rebuild underway.