3 MORE quarterback trades the New England Patriots should take a chance on

Could the Patriots sniff around the QB market and add to this unstable position?
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The New England Patriots have uncertainty at the QB position going forward, so they should be open to making some QB trades now and in the near future. Mac Jones has not shown consistency as starter of the team, and I think it'd be wise for the Pats to keep taking shots at the position until they find a true franchise signal-caller.

Jones had a very good day in Week 7 versus the Buffalo Bills and looked every bit like a franchise QB, but he's not done that consistently. The Pats should take a look at the trade deadline market and should even see what veteran QBs could be available via trade next offseason to try and find their guy. Depending on where they fall in the 2024 NFL Draft order, the team might in line to take one of the better QB prospects in the 2024 class.

Let's create a view QB trades that the Pats should consider.

3 quarterback trades the New England Patriots should take a chance on
1. See what Sam Darnold is up to

Sam Darnold was the third overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft and has not been able to break through as a franchise QB in the NFL. He's spent time with the New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, and is now on the San Francisco 49ers. In 2022 with the Panthers, he went 4-2 as a starter and threw seven touchdowns against three interceptions. Darnold could be a low-risk, high-reward player who might be able to give Mac Jones some tough competition.

Darnold could also be a very good player to keep as the future QB2 in New England.