3 last-minute trades the Patriots can get done before the 2023 deadline

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Trade Josh Uche to the Lions for a third-rounder

Among the handful of names rumored to be shipped off by the Patriots, Josh Uche has remained the leading trade candidate until the deadline. There have been some concerns about whether a trade will get done since the linebacker has now missed back-to-back games due to injury.

While that may make it more challenging to move on from him right now, it doesn't decrease his value or his potential, which he demonstrated throughout the 2022 season.

Because he is on the last year of his rookie contract and extension conversations have allegedly not been had, it doesn't seem like Uche is a priority for Belichick to keep on the team long-term. If that's the case, moving on from him when you can get something in return rather than watching him walk for nothing in free agency would make sense.

Even though there's an argument to be made about the need to maintain younger players who have shown they can be contributors and valuable to the team, a guy like Uche, for example, Belichick, is known for letting those kinds of players walk, which ends up being a waste when they could have been traded earlier in the season.

One team that analysts have discussed to ship Uche to has been the Detroit Lions. Uche could join fellow young pass rusher Aiden Hutchinson and become one of the better duos in the league.

Most analysts believe the Patriots could get a third-round pick in return for Uche, which would be significant for a crucial upcoming draft. It will be worth it if they don't plan to re-sign him at the end of the year or if they do but know they won't pay what he will demand.