3 free agents who could still start for the New England Patriots

New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts
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There are still a ton of quality free agents left on the market, and there are a few who could still start for the New England Patriots in the 2023 season. The Patriots might want to consider making another move or two because currently, they are a distance fourth in the loaded AFC East.

The Patriots' positive moves this offseason have been overshadowed by the more aggressive free agencies from the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets, who have added names like Aaron Rodgers, Jalen Ramsey, and Vic Fangio this offseason.

I do think it would take nothing short of a miracle to see the Patriots not finish last in the division, but you never truly know until the season begins. Are there still free agents left on the market who could start for the New England Patriots?

3 free agents who could still start for the New England Patriots
1. DeAndre Hopkins, WR

Let's get this one out of the way. There has been a bit of smoke and rumors swirling between the Patriots and Hopkins, who was cut by the Arizona Cardinals several weeks ago. He's a Hall of Fame wide receiver and even though he hasn't been on the field as much over the last two seasons, he's still been just as productive.

Hopkins would give Mac Jones the first truly elite target to throw to in his time in the NFL and this is most definitely a signing the team should make ASAP.

2. Eric Fisher, LT

Some may disagree with this, because the Patriots could have as many as three viable starting left tackles on the roster currently, but I'm taking the experience and consistent play of Eric Fisher over the possibility of Calvin Anderson, Trent Brown, or Riley Reiff playing LT.

Fisher was the first overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft and has carved out a very solid career in the NFL blocking on the blindside. A torn Achilles has likely slowed him down some, but he's now a few years removed from that and is still not that old for an OL, so I think Fisher could have another couple solid years left in him.

I do truly think he could start immediately for the New England Patriots.

3. Yannick Ngakoue, DL

Lawrence Guy, one of the projected defensive line starters for the Patriots, has been holding out this offseason because of his contract. Guy has been a consistent force for the Patriots for years, but it appears as if he's wanting to demand some fresh dollars bills.

Well, if the Patriots don't want to do that, could they look to the FA market to perhaps sign a replacement like Yannick Ngakoue? Ngakoue has never had less than 8.0 sacks in a season and he's been in the NFL since 2016. With Ngakoue, you're essentially paying him $1 million for every sack, which is a great deal, as his reported contract demands are between $8-$10 million per season.

He's pretty awful against the run, but he gets to the QB well, which is a skill that will always been of value in the NFL.