The New England Patriots have absolutely no need for RB Dalvin Cook

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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There appears to be a bit of smoke with Dalvin Cook and a potential signing by the New England Patriots, but this fit makes absolutely no sense for the team. In most cases, signing a player that helps make your team better is objectively a good thing.

Like, of course, why wouldn't the Patriots try to sign Dalvin Cook, right? He's one of the better running backs in the NFL and would surely make the offense that much better, but I completely disagree with the idea of Cook and a fit with the Patriots.

If the Patriots are still wanting to add to their RB room since they did recently cut James Robinson, they should target someone a few tiers below Cook. I'm not saying Dalvin Cook isn't good or would be a tough fit for another team, I just do not think there's much of a need with the Patriots.

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler hinted that the Patriots could sniff around the idea since Robinson is no longer in the picture:

""You've got the Dolphins; he's been linked to them," he said. "Teams I've talked to believe he wants to play in Miami, potentially. The Jets have injuries at running back. The Patriots just cut James Robinson; they could have a need. So, could be some action there up east.""

Jeremy Fowler

Michael Lombardi also toyed with the idea of Dalvin Cook being a fit with the Patriots, but I don't get it. Cook even went as far as to retweet Lombardi's recent appearance with the Pat McAfee show:

One of the biggest reasons why I do no think he's much of a fit is because I think he'd end up taking carries away from Rhamondre Stevenson, which I think would be a total disaster. Stevenson is the better, younger, and more efficient running back at this point and he did just rush for 1,000 yards on 5.0 yards per carry in 2022 behind a poor Patriots' offensive line.

Dalvin Cook, if anything, would take carries away from Stevenson who is more efficient on the ground. Stevenson is in a situation right now where he can have the majority of the touches at RB and is someone who I think can hold that old school RB role. Derrick Henry is one of the best examples of this. Henry has, for years, gotten an overwhelming majority of the carries in Tennessee's offense, and for good reason.

Well, I view Stevenson as being able to have that kind of workload. Why would the Patriots disturb that? They can target a running back who is more fit to hold an RB2 role, perhaps someone like Ezekiel Elliott or Leonard Fournette.

However, I don't necessarily think that just because the Patriots did cut James Robinson that they have to then dip into the RB market. I could also be higher on Rhamondre Stevenson than most, but I do think he is going to explode in year three and will quickly make us forget about the potential of Dalvin Cook.