3 free agents over 30 the Patriots should sign 

Divisional Round - New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
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If a fool and his money are easily parted, then Robert Kraft is no fool. But he can't be that smart if he thinks the Patriots can turn their fortunes around without spending some of the $46.4 million they have available.

There are still three holes in the Patriots roster. Even Jerrod Mayo said he isn’t happy with the offense. There isn't a left tackle on the roster, none of the receiving corps has true number-one talent, and Matt Judon is the only elite pass rusher.

Luckily, veteran free agents are still available who could fill those holes and bring more experience to a pretty young roster. The good thing about signing veteran players is that they will hit the ground running when they arrive, but time is still running out. 

3 free agents over 30 the Patriots should sign 

David Bakhtiari 

This is not the most original thought you will see today, but it’s about time the Patriots signed a left tackle. At this stage, it’s difficult to know if the front office truly believes their coaches can convert any old right tackle to an elite left tackle or if they’re in total denial. 

The California native and former high-school lacrosse player is known more for his pass blocking and agility than for his powerful run blocks. That may be one of the reasons the Patriots haven’t prioritized signing Bakhtiari for their run-first offense. 

Former Colorado Buffalo Bakhtiari has suffered some significant injuries during his career, but he’s still only 32. That's three years younger than Trent Williams, who's 49ers contract runs through the 2026 season.

In 2022, PFF rated Bakhtiari as the best lineman against the blitz and the fifth-best overall. Even after a series of knee surgeries (due to an incorrect diagnosis rather than repeated injuries), Bakhtiari would still be a huge upgrade on no left tackle. 

Working with Scott Peters and learning his “Tip of the Spear” technique would benefit Bakhtiari. Learning how to use his hands to gain leverage should take some pressure off his knees. 

Signing Bakhtiari would also provide the bonus of seeing him competing in the same division as his best friend and fellow conspiracy theory fan, Aaron Rodgers.