3 forgotten Patriots who signed with new teams for 2024

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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CB Myles Bryant - signed 1-year deal with the Houston Texans

Maybe most Patriots fans haven't forgotten about Myles Bryant, but that's mainly due to the negativity surrounding him from his chaotic tenure in Foxboro. His career was certainly bumpy, but his final two years with the team were his best yet, proving he could be a viable member of the secondary had they decided to extend him beyond last year.

Throughout his time in New England, Bryant's good moments were met with equally, if not worse, plays that kept him on a 'do not play list' by Patriots fans. While some of those bad instances were arguably terrible, he showed his versatility over the last few seasons, doing whatever was asked of him and lining up all over the field.

It was a characteristic Belichick openly admired, and perhaps if he remained the head coach and GM this offseason, we would see Bryant in a Patriots uniform this fall. Instead, he signed with the rising Texans and might continue proving he can be a solid addition to the secondary.

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