3 dream scenarios that would boost Patriots' Super Bowl odds in 2023

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The New England Patriots clearly have their backs against the wall heading into the 2023 season. Could they see their Super Bowl odds boost with a few dream scenarios playing out? Dream scenarios are just that, but they can still happen, right?

The Patriots might not be viewed as much of a threat in their own division this year, and that would be understandable. They don't have many All-Pro caliber players and have a low-ceiling player at quarterback. I do think a lot has to go right in 2023 just to see this team finish with a winning record.

Let's take it a step further, though, and look at some dream scenarios that could play out in 2023 that could even boost the Patriots' Super Bowl odds.

3 dream scenarios a would boost Patriots' Super Bowl odds in 2023
1. Defensive offseason additions help unit reach top of league

Offense wins games, defense wins championships, and the Patriots have typically had very good or elite defenses over the last two decades while winning all of their Super Bowl titles. What if that replays itself in 2023? Perhaps the offseason additions of Christian Gonzalez and even Keion White give the defense just enough boost to reach that truly elite tier.

They were a solid defense last year that sacked the QB a ton, but they weren't elite. What if Gonzo finds immediate success as a rookie cornerback, taking away half the field because of his great coverage? That would have a huge domino effect on the rest of the unit.

The Pats do have very good players in all three units of the defense, so it's not like they're void of talent here. I think seeing the defense elevate to an elite level would be the difference in a few games in the 2023 season.