Three dream scenarios for the New England Patriots in the 2023 season

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
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The New England Patriots are approaching a very important 2023 season. Let's lay out three dream scenarios for the team as they head into 2023. If all goes well, this Pats' team could find themselves a much more disciplined and efficient football team.

With the positive additions being made on offense and filling necessary holes on defense, the Patriots do not have a ton of glaring holes or weaknesses, especially if you are high on Mac Jones. There are a few dream scenarios within reason that I think the Patriots can achieve if most ends up going their way.

Let's highlight these scenarios for the coming season.

Three dream scenarios for the New England Patriots in the 2023 season
1. Christian Gonzalez helps secondary and defense take the next step

The one big thing that the Pats' defense was missing in 2022 was a shutdown cornerback who effectively took away half of the playing field. Young cornerbacks like Patrick Surtain II and Sauce Gardner have been a ton of success early in their careers, so much so that teams simply did not and do not throw their way often.

If Gonzalez can somehow establish himself that quickly like Surtain and Gardner did, the Pats' defense, especially their pass rush, will be able to get home even more than they did in 2022, which was quite a bit.

It'll also take some pressure off of other young cornerbacks in the secondary, and with the recent departures of over the last couple of years in JC Jackson and Jason McCourty, the Pats having Gonzalez have elite success as a rookie would be a total dream.