3 difficult decisions New England Patriots may face in 2024 offseason

-Who makes the roster decisions next year?

-What does the team do with their first-round pick?

-What about the QB situation?

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3. What does the team do with QB Mac Jones?

I could see a path forward for QB Mac Jones with the team in 2024 if a new coaching staff is brought in. As a passer, Jones isn't as far gone as one of his draft mates, Zach Wilson. I do think a new staff, depending on who it is, could find a use for Mac Jones. He has shown potential to be a high-end backup in the NFL, and perhaps could be a veteran bridge to a degree.

Jones would also be entering his fourth year in the NFL, all with the Patriots, and I do expect the Patriots to have a ton of new players, so perhaps keeping Jones around would be beneficial for some of the new guys. If Bill Belichick remains as the head coach, I think Mac Jones is dealt to another team.

His trade value is probably nothing, but Jones and Belichick don't seem to be huge fans of each other, and I think both would be open to a fresh start. A team not named the Patriots that makes the most sense to be is the San Francisco 49ers, who were rumored to be interested in Jones with the draft pick that they took Trey Lance with.

Mac Jones will be on an NFL roster in 2024, and there's no questioning that, but will it be with the team that drafted him?