3 bold predictions for Patriots quarterback Mac Jones in 2023

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
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Mac Jones leads the Patriots to the postseason again

Along with Jones accomplishing the best season of his career so far, he will also help lead the Patriots to the playoffs once again.

It will by no means be an easy task, with the AFC East becoming even stronger than last year, but Jones accomplished a lot during his rookie season with less than what he is projected to have alongside him this upcoming season.

So why can't he finish the year even better than that year?

Despite the narrative that the Patriots are easily the worst team in the division and will likely end below .500, there's reason to believe the other teams will not be as successful as many have said since the start of the offseason.

Most have proclaimed the Bills and Jets to be the frontrunners in the division, with the Bills taking the lead by a small margin due to their recent success as the AFCE Champions, but nothing is set in stone in the NFL. Although they may be the favorites right now, the Bills have not actually won anything other than the division since Tom Brady left, which is not winning anything at all because we don't count banners here, right?

On top of that, naming a team as one of the clear Super Bowl favorites in the spring is ridiculous, especially when the basis of the argument is Aaron Rodgers.

And for some reason, fans and the media haven't learned yet that you don't count out a team coached by Bill Belichick.

Sure, the current conversation surrounding the head coach is that he isn't "as talented" at his job without having Brady under center. But haven't the Patriots outperformed most expectations over the last three years since most counted them out from any sort of success with Cam Newton and Mac Jones?

With that in mind, and it probably is on the minds of those in Foxboro, Belichick and Jones will have more weight on their shoulders this year, without a doubt. But that also means they will be more motivated to perform far better than anticipated. Both may be fighting for their jobs, depending on who you ask, and have much to prove, not just for themselves but for the team.

Now that the head coach and quarterback will be on the same page again, with a revitalized offensive roster with an optimistic mindset, it'll be a much easier road for Jones to lead the Patriots to the playoffs. Even if it's just a wildcard spot, a path to the postseason looks accomplishable for New England this year, and it all starts with the bounce-back season of Jones.