3 blockbuster trades Patriots could consider to weaponize offense

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The 2024 NFL Draft is still four weeks away, and the height of free agency is long gone, but there is still plenty of time for the Patriots to make significant moves to improve their roster.

To some extent, it seems like their only option at this point after having a disappointing free agency that didn't solve many of their roster holes.

Jerod Mayo has stated they are actively looking into the trade market for receivers, which is a positive sign since they were unable to bring in the caliber of talent needed for the offense. And there is a chance the team will decide to pass on selecting a quarterback high in the draft, opening the door for a trade-down scenario that could involve multiple pick acquisitions or even some players.

Fortunately, there are a few players they can keep an eye on or even inquire about. Three of them would be blockbuster trades that would really prove we're in a new era in Foxboro.

3 blockbuster trades Patriots could consider to weaponize offense

Justin Jefferson

In addition to the potential trade for Tee Higgins, a trade involving the Vikings could be a game-changer for the Patriots in their quest to secure a top receiver. This trade could also help the Vikings pursue a future franchise quarterback, which they are said to be dead set on doing this year after Kirk Cousins' departure.

The trade proposal involving the Vikings has been a major talking point in the NFL community this offseason, mainly due to their possession of two first-round picks from a trade with the Texans. This proposed package, potentially including Justin Jefferson, could be enough to entice the Patriots to give up their No. 3 pick.

At first glance, throwing in arguably the best receiver in the NFL seems like a lot just to trade up in the draft. However, moving from the 11th pick to the 3rd would cost less for the Vikings to send the two picks and Jefferson (plus probably a late-rounder) than how much the 49ers sent to the Dolphins to move from 12 to 3 in 2021.

Because San Francisco wanted a quarterback from that draft, they sent the 12th overall pick, a third-rounder in that draft, plus first-rounders in 2022 and 2023.

Giving up a player of Jefferson's caliber wouldn't be ideal either, but the Vikings haven't been able to agree on an extension with Jefferson, who will likely want $40-$50 million a season in a new contract. The Patriots can afford that, and Minnesota found a great player in Jordan Addison from last year's draft, so making this trade happen could be a win/win scenario for both teams.