2024 NFL Draft: Where are the Patriots slotted to pick through Week 6?

The New England Patriots are in brand-new territory when it comes to the NFL Draft.
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders / Chris Unger/GettyImages

There are six teams in the NFL in 2023 with 0 or 1 win. Where do the New England Patriots currently fall in the 2024 NFL Draft after Week 6? Unfortunately, of the 0 or 1-win teams, the Patriots currently have the worst draft pick of that bunch. As of now, they are currently picking sixth overall in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Patriots are getting close to being in range for a top QB prospect or even someone like Marvin Harrison Jr or Olu Fashanu, but would the top five picks currently look like the way the draft board is set-up right now? Well, if you are rooting for the Patriots to have a higher draft pick, you may be in luck. The team still has several very tough matchups left on their schedule, and they might be the worst team in the NFL.

It truly might be hard to find another few wins on the Patriots' 2023 schedule, which may put them into the top three or four of the 2024 NFL Draft. Right now, the Carolina Panthers are 0-6 and would hold the #1overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. However, they traded that pick to the Chicago Bears for the right to draft #1 overall back in 2023. They took Bryce Young with that pick.

And the Chicago Bears' own first-round pick is #2 overall, so the Bears are currently slated to pick #1 and #2 in the 2024 NFL Draft unless something changes. Tankathon.com keeps an active track of the draft order in 2024, and they even have a mock draft set up as well. In that first-round mock draft, they have the New England Patriots selecting LT Joe Alt from Notre Dame. Alt projects to be very good at the next level, and he'd give the new Patriots' QB a blindside protector for years.

And in this scenario, the Patriots could even re-sign Trent Brown and stick him back at right tackle where he's most comfortable. That might not be a bad idea. Re-signing Mike Onwenu could give the Patriots' an offensive line of Joe Alt / Cole Strange / David Andrews / Mike Onwenu / Trent Brown for 2024, which would be solid, right?

In this mock draft, all of Caleb Williams, Marvin Harrison Jr, Drake Maye, Brock Bowers, and Olu Fashanu go in the first five picks, so the Patriots could miss out on a ton of talent. Right now, the first-round for the Patriots might benefit them the most if they trade down perhaps into the teens, secure another high pick for that trade down, and take a stab at a QB with that pick in the teens or even with their second-round pick.

Guys like Bo Nix, Michael Penix, and Quinn Ewers appear to be that tier 2 of QB for 2024, but all have some nice tools. The Patriots need such an influx of talent that I think trading down in the first round to net more picks and to then acquire more players is their best path.