2024 NFL Draft: Way too early look at the Patriots draft picks

The New England Patriots have a solid amount of draft capital in 2024.
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I think there is a chance that the New England Patriots have a new general manager in town next year. How many draft picks will the GM have to work with at this moment in time? The Patriots held firm at the NFL trade deadline. They did not make any trades and kept players like Mike Gesicki, Ezekiel Elliott, Josh Uche, and Kyle Dugger, who are all slated to be free agents in 2024.

Well, the Patriots might be undergoing a bit of a rebuild this coming offseason depending on how things go the rest of the year. Right now, things don't look pretty for them. As of now, what kind of draft capital do they have? Let's take a look.

According to tankathon.com, the Patriots currently hold eight draft picks in 2024, with six of them being their own. Right now, they hold the 5th, 36th, 67th, 105th, 140th, 180th, 185th, and 222nd overall picks. Most notably, they have a pick in the top-five, two picks in the top-50, and three picks in the top-100, so they do have some valuable picks.

Depending on who you ask, quarterback might be the team's biggest need. They also have a huge need at wide receiver, and may have a need for two new starting tackles in 2024 as well. The team does have high enough draft capital to trade down, and if Bill Belichick is still making the GM decisions next offseason, you can bet that he'll surely jump on a chance to trade down.

I think the Pats made a mistake by not adding draft picks at the trade deadline. Guys like Kyle Dugger and Josh Uche could have fetched the team valuable draft capital, but what do I know? The team could swing some trades in the offseason if they wanted, but with a ton of projected cap space in 2024, the team might want to hold still in the meantime.