Josh McDaniels getting fired could greatly benefit QB Mac Jones

In the week hours of Wednesday morning, news broke that Josh McDaniels was out as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders / Chris Unger/GettyImages

This may have been the last shot that Josh McDaniels got as head coach in the NFL. The Las Vegas Raiders fired him, and the news broke early Wednesday morning. After two failed stints as a head coach in the NFL, McDaniels may just have to accept that he's not cut out to run a football team. And that's OK. Being a head coach in the NFL is extremely challenging, and most fail at it.

Well, in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Adam Schefter tweeted that McDaniels was out as HC of the Raiders. Raiders' GM Dave Ziegler, a former Patriots' front office member, also got fired. The pair didn't make it two full seasons in LV, and McDaniels is out after just nine games won in a season and a half.

Most recently, the team lost their last two games and now stand at 3-5. The Raiders look headed toward a full rebuild, and Mark Davis surely isn't having a fun time. Well, McDaniels has barely had success as a coach in the NFL outside of New England, and his work with Mac Jones back in 2021 could be something that the Patriots look to find once again.

If we're being honest, what team besides the Pats would want to hire McDaniels anyway? There's countless reports and rumblings that he's pretty unliked as a coach and just isn't popular among players. However, he's had an insane amount of success with the Pats. I think at some point, the logical move here is to bring him back to New England, but he may not be the offensive coordinator.

Bill O'Brien currently holds that role, but it hasn't gone well thus far. Honestly, could there be a situation where at some point in the future, O'Brien is one and done and McDaniels is brought back as the OC? I could definitely see it. This may be wonderful news for Mac Jones, who looked every bit of a franchise QB as a rookie in 2021.

McDaniels was calling plays still, and the Pats' offense ranked inside the top-10 in points per game. The team went 10-7 that year and the entire operation seemed to be perfect. If Bill Belichick is remaining in New England as the head coach at least, I could see him reuniting with McDaniels.

He done this with many former coaches and players in the past, so making this eventual move would not come as a surprise. The Pats would get themselves a legitimate OC and could even still add a QB next offseason. Would you like to see the organization bring Josh McDaniels back?