2 trades Patriots should make during the 2024 NFL Draft (and 1 they shouldn't)

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We have officially entered Draft week, with the first round kicking off on Thursday evening, which will be the start of a new era for the Patriots under Jerod Mayo. There is a lot of pressure on the new regime to make the right decisions when on the clock, especially when it comes to the third overall pick.

Outside of that, there is also a lot of chatter regarding potential trades the Patriots will try to complete during draft weekend. Most conversation has centered on them trading away their coveted No. 3 pick, but there are other trades worthy of consideration that wouldn't involve giving that up.

Plenty of roster holes need to be addressed, and since most were not dealt with during free agency, the assumption has been they will prioritize them in the draft, including trades.

Here are two they should definitely consider, if not just get done, and one they shouldn't even entertain.

Two trades the Patriots should make during the 2024 NFL Draft

#1. Trade for WR Brandon Aiyuk

Because it seems likely that the Patriots will keep their first-round pick, trading for a receiver with their second-rounder would be a great start to Day 2 of the Draft.

It's a position they've needed to upgrade for many years, which is why so many fans were calling for a blockbuster trade this offseason. But to this point, they've failed to do so and now have even fewer options than at the start of free agency last month.

Most have been demanding Eliot Wolf call the Bengals to make a deal for Tee Higgins, even though the receiver seems to want to stay with his current team. So that brings us to the 49ers' Brandon Aiyuk, possibly an even better player than Higgins, yet still a WR1 in New England.

The mocked price tag to acquire him from San Francisco has been a second-rounder and another later-round pick, maybe a fourth. That's a reasonable price for a solid receiver and something the Patriots could do without losing too much draft capital this year.

#2. Trade for Patrick Surtain II

After releasing J.C. Jackson and letting Myles Bryant and Jalen Mills leave in free agency, the Patriots need some cornerback depth pretty badly. Although trading for one isn't at the top of the priority list, the Broncos have already implied that Patrick Surtain II will be available for trade, so the Patriots should make a call.

The cornerback room in New England is already excellent, led by Christian Gonzalez and Jonathan Jones. But beyond those two, it's a little more questionable. On top of that, Jones is only under contract for one more season and will be 32 in 2025, lowering his potential of an extension beyond the 2024 season.

If that's the case, Surtain would be a great pickup. He's just 24 years old and has been beyond impressive through the first three seasons of his career. A cornerback room led by Gonzalez and Surtain could be the best duo in the league, making the idea of trading for him even more enticing.

The biggest problem will be the price tag. He is a former first round pick and the Broncos will likely want that in return. Given that the Patriots are projected to use their first-rounder on a quarterback this year, that pick is out of the question. So next year's would need to be the offer, plus either more picks or a player, to hopefully make an offer Sean Payton could not refuse.

One trade the Patriots should not make during the 2024 NFL Draft

1. Trade with the Vikings for the No. 3 pick

Most Patriots fans have already decided that the best way to use the third overall pick is to select a quarterback since it is the most important position on the team. Without a competent signal caller, a team is unlikely to flourish, which New England has found out the hard way over the last four years.

Because they're in prime position to get their next franchise player, it makes sense that they seize the opportunity rather than wait until next year's draft.

However, there is a portion of the fanbase that is all-in on trading the third selection to another quarterback-needy team mainly due to the rich trade package the Patriots would receive in return.

The Vikings have been the leading team when discussing the possibility of any team getting a deal done for the Patriots' selection. They have two first-rounders this year, which would be a nice acquisition. But most mock trades have Minnesota throwing in just one more 2025 first-round pick, which doesn't feel enticing enough for the Patriots to pass on getting their next quarterback.

The only way they should accept an offer from the Vikings or any other team wanting to move up is if another first-round pick or a player like Justin Jefferson is thrown in. Otherwise, it's not worth considering, given the Patriots' situation this offseason.

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