10 scariest rookies the Patriots will play in 2024

2024-25 New England Patriots Schedule: Facing the NFL's Top Rookies and Tough Teams
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Los Angeles Rams - Jared Verse, EDGE & Braden Fiske, DT

The Los Angeles Rams are building something special out west. Their quarterback continues to get older, but the roster gets younger. Last year's draft class put the Rams back on the map. This year's class has a chance to continue the trend. The two former Seminoles, Verse and Fiske, are teammates again in Los Angeles. They are going to continue ruining opposing offenses' days.

Verse and Fiske are athletic and powerful. They both have an array of moves they can utilize to disrupt opposing plays. Verse and Fiske are horrifically quick off the line, getting into the backfield in no time. Much like our fear with Latu, the Patriots offensive line is still a work in progress.

Fiske can work his way through the middle, while Verse attacks from the edge - not the most ideal scenario. These two have a real chance to be game disruptors in the NFL. The Patriots should fear the carbage these two can cause. Let's hope the team comes out unscathed.

Miami Dolphins - Chop Robinson, EDGE

Chop Robinson plays with energy. At times, it feels like he has limitless amounts of energy. He's a freak athlete. He has the potential to terrorize the Patriots' offensive line. The Dolphins already have their fair share of pass rushers. Chop adds to the depth of the Dolphins, to the dismay of Patriot offensive linemen and fans alike.

Chop offers exceptional bend and the best first step in the draft. Chop's innate athleticism and agility scream high growth potential. He's an immediate impact player whose motor and determination will allow him to win more often than not.

He's not a finished product by any means, but that doesn't mean that even as a raw talent, he won't be a thorn in the side of the Patriots. Look out for this matchup. He's a monster waiting to be unleashed.