1 player in every round the Patriots can draft to improve their offense in 2024

Patriots' 2024 NFL Draft: Bolstering Offensive Weapons
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Round 7, Pick 228: WR De'Corian Clark, UTSA

The Patriots are looking to add value here in the seventh round, and they take a flier on a 6'3", 215-pound wide receiver who conceivably has all the tools to become a productive wide receiver in the NFL.

With their last pick in the draft, the Pats continue to shore up their wide receiver group by adding Clark. He doesn't do any one thing exceptionally; however, he's a solid route runner who has good body control. He needs to be better at rising up and attacking the ball, but what seventh-round pick doesn't have flaws?

All in all, the Patriots pick up some valuable members for their offense. They come away with three wide receivers, two tight ends and two running backs.

Whoever the next quarterback is, whether they trade for one or sign one, they will be coming into a much better situation than years past. The team needs players who can put pressure on opposing defenses. In this seven-round mock draft, the Pats fill many offensive needs. They become more balanced, and they have legitimate targets to rely upon.

The Pats are in an interesting place right now. I wouldn't say they're in the best of spots, but it is what it is. The only way to get out, is to get out. What do you think?

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