1 player in every round the Patriots can draft to improve their offense in 2024

Patriots' 2024 NFL Draft: Bolstering Offensive Weapons
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Round 5, Pick 135: TE Dallin Holker, Colorado State

Many people are unaware of who Dallin Holker is, but for those who do, they understand why he is being selected here. Holker is a playmaker. He will not jump off the screen with his athleticism. However, he will provide the Pats with much-needed, difficult- move-the-chains-type plays, and he will do that consistently.

Holker is 6'5 " and 235 pounds, good size for the tight end position. He is a "classic," modern NFL tight end, one who is able and willing to go into the dirty areas to make a catch. Holker is a pretty decent run-and-pass blocker. His ability to be a two-way tight end find in the fifth round screams "steal of the draft."

The Patriots add another young tight end to the group here with CSU's Holker. He and Sanders will form a formidable tight end duo that, dare I say, could one day mirror that of Rob Gronkowski and Arron Hernandez?