1 player in every round the Patriots can draft to improve their offense in 2024

Patriots' 2024 NFL Draft: Bolstering Offensive Weapons

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Round 4, Pick 103: RB Ray Davis, Kentucky

So far, in this exercise, we have focused primarily on receiving threats. After all, aside from the quarterback, receivers are the second most important piece in moving the ball down the field. We take a break on receivers for now.

Ray Davis is tough to tackle. Give credit to his 5'11", 215-pound frame, but this man is tough to tackle. Just ask the Florida Gators (280 rushing yards, 3 TDs). Davis is a perfect downhill running back for a Patriots team that could use a "between-the-tackles" running back.

Davis will not wow you with incredible top-end speed, but he makes up for it with power and good acceleration out of the backfield. Davis would be an excellent complimentary piece to Stevenson in the backfield and could be his eventual replacement. Davis is also reliable in the passing game, which is just about all you can ask for out of a fourth-round pick.