1 player in every round the Patriots can draft to improve their offense in 2024

Patriots' 2024 NFL Draft: Bolstering Offensive Weapons
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Round 2, Pick 34: WR Xavier Worthy, Texas

Continuing the roll on wide receivers, the Patriots pick up a gem in the early second round by acquiring Texas wide receiver, Xavier Worthy. Worthy is all about the speed. He just might be the fastest player in the draft, and we have seen what fast receivers in this league can do, talking about you, Tyreek Hill.

Worthy is another receiver who can play both inside and out. However, to put it simply, Worthy just does well when he gets the ball in his hands. He is super fast and athletic and has good body control. He has a slender frame, but that doesn't mean he won't be productive in the NFL.

The Patriots take a bit of a gamble here and bet on the upside Worthy provides. As he gets bigger and stronger, the tools he currently possesses that already make him great will only make him greater. This is a no-brainer pick for the Patriots here at 34, filling the wide receiver cupboard that's been empty for some time.