Mystery man Ernie Adams reveals 2022 Patriots schedule

Who is Patriots Whisperer Ernie Adams? Who can say for sure? Bill Belichick’s confidant is full of secrets, aphorisms, and football genius, but rarely does he appear in public … unless the Patriots schedule is at stake, that is.

Adams made a rare public appearance on Thursday evening — and why wouldn’t he, for one of the sport’s biggest clerical days of the year? If there’s one thing Belichick and his cronies can appreciate, it’s attention to detail.

The famed, mysterious Pats front office figure had a whiteboard all to himself for Thursday night’s Patriots schedule reveal, which surely rankled Belichick just a little bit.

Nabbing the spotlight? Check. Hoarding office supplies? Check. Rattling off New England’s first 17-0 regular season. CHECK, PLEASE.

Let Ernie take it away.

2022 Patriots schedule released by Ernie Adams

In case you prefer the highlights of the Patriots schedule without watching Adams’ delightful video, the Pats open with two straight road games — at Miami, and at Pittsburgh.

While road games against the Dolphins have been a trouble spot for this crew in the past, that’s not usually the case so early in the season (remember, the Patriots lost their Miami home game last year, too).

New England won’t grace the Foxborough grass in the regular season until Week 3 (end of September!) against the Baltimore Ravens, another semi-deadly matchup.

Then comes … a road game against the Packers?! No bye until Week 10? Four primetime games in a row from Weeks 12-15? Whoever designed this thing is firmly pro-Buffalo.

Down the stretch, things don’t get much easier, either. At Buffalo is a hell of a place to end the season in early January, even after home tilts against the ‘Phins AND the defending AFC Champion Bengals.

Ideally, the season-ender in Buffalo (no Bills games ’til December?!) will be rematched in the postseason just one week later, with a significantly different result than last year’s battle.

Ernie, can you see to that, please? Pink Stripes forever.