Patriots: Boston delusion has reached new levels with take ahead of Cowboys game

New England Patriots.
New England Patriots. /

We all get excited when our teams win games. We all say things we don’t really mean after that dopamine burst that comes from a victory. We all get so wrapped up in emotion that it distorts our ability to clearly see the big picture.

But this take is beyond the realm of a reality where overexcitement excuses our boldness.

This is an unforgivable assertion.

It’s not that we don’t like the New England Patriots … it’s just that this was too much even for the most die-hard fans to handle.

On Wednesday, ahead of the Pats’ Week 6 matchup against the Cowboys, Boston’s WEEI claimed that the Dallas defense is “no match” for Mac Jones.

This headline talking about Patriots-Cowboys is peak Boston delusion.

This is truly fantasy football — and not the kind that wins you money … just the kind that makes you look unhinged to anyone with a grip on real football.

Boston, it’s 2021. Tom Brady is not the Patriots quarterback, and they aren’t coming off of a Super Bowl win. They didn’t even make the playoffs last year.

Instead, the New England is 2-3 after a near loss to arguably the worst team in the league last week. Mac Jones has an unimpressive 1:1 touchdown to interception ratio, and barely cracks the top 20 in quarterback rankings, which is sure to fluctuate.

Of all the years to talk about an overrated Cowboys defense, too. The unit might be overachieving in the early going, but Dallas doesn’t need a top 10 defense in every category to shut down a vanilla Patriots offense. New England got beat by a Miami Dolphins team that ranks 30th in yards allowed. And in case this fact slipped your mind, the Patriots are among the bottom 10 in total offense.

If Trevon Diggs, who admittedly has to improve his coverage, doesn’t get a pick off of Jones without having to defend a true No. 1 receiver, that would shocking given the performance of both players so far. And the Patriots will be lucky if that’s the only turnover of the game (a category that the Cowboys lead the league in).

This just isn’t a good look for New England ahead of a matchup where they’re rightful underdogs. Sunday might slap some Boston residents right back into reality if they see Dallas dominate their mediocre team on the way to a 5-1 start.