Patriots: Yes, Chris Hogan’s lacrosse career is very real

Julian Edelman isn’t the only shifty ex-Patriots wide receiver making news this offseason.

Chris Hogan, one of many little engines that could on the recent run of Pats championship teams, is also turning over a new leaf this offseason — though it’s a leaf that’ll bring him back to Gillette Stadium.

Hogan has joined the Cannons Lacrosse Club (formerly the Boston Cannons) following the team’s merge from Major League Lacrosse to the new PLL (Premier Lacrosse League).

Coincidentally, this is probably somewhere Bill Belichick planned on scouting anyway this year, and it’ll be an easy trip, since Hogan will return to Gillette in an entirely new context on June 4 with his squad.

Don’t believe us? Just watch.

The Cannons put out a teaser this week of Hogan getting ready for battle, and he looks like a natural … well, because he is a natural.

Former Patriots WR Chris Hogan showed off his lacrosse skills this week.

Hey, we’d much rather Hogan be playing professional lacrosse than playing for the New York Jets, which he briefly tried last year before realizing it was obviously not for him.

As far as second acts go, harnessing your skills to play an all-new sport on the turf where you once captured the AFC Championship is a pretty solid plan.

From 2016-2018, Hogan was a surprisingly reliable arrow in Tom Brady’s quiver, as well as someone who could use his own advanced skills to make his teammates look better. Remember his fingertip catch in the 2018 AFC Championship Game in Kansas City? Almost impossible for mere mortals. That play was impressively Hogan-esque.

All in all, though, 2016-17 was his greatest playoff run in New England. He piled up a remarkable 17 catches for 332 yards en route to ruining Matt Ryan’s MVP season.

Of course, lacrosse is nothing new for Hogan; he spent three years playing the sport at Penn State while not playing football for the Nittany Lions. He then transferred to Monmouth for his final year of eligibility, starred on the football team, went undrafted (duh), ended up in Buffalo, and then thrived in New England.

In about a month’s time, he’ll probably do that last thing all over again.